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Framing Service At Mansfield Park Gallery

Framing your original artwork is the finishing touch.

Due to overwhelming demand we are pleased to announce that we now

provide a bespoke framing service here at the gallery. In conjunction

with Art Hire and their 25 years of experience behind us there is

almost nothing we can’t frame or haven’t framed at least once before.

We have an extensive range of mouldings both modern and traditional

and all our frames are hand made to your requirements whether you

choose pre or hand-finished.

We never forget how precious your artwork is to you - be it monetary or

sentimental value – and that is why we only use high quality acid free

conservation mountboards which ensure that your work is protected for

many years to come.

So whether you are a professional artist or a member of the public,

whether you’re looking for a single piece framed or you’re putting

together a whole exhibition, pop in and see us and we’ll talk you

through the various options.


Visit Art Hire's website

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