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Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland had a diverse upbringing prior to his acceptance to study at Glasgow School of Art in 1973, in the Scottish Highlands, Istanbul and Hong Kong. Perhaps because of this cultural diversity in his formative years, his work today reflects his fascination with the apparent interconnectedness of seemingly disparate and incongruous elements of various cultures, their languages, religions, philosophies and arts.

A draughtsman of enviable abilities Donald is equally assured when handling paint, washes of texture and colour combined with precisely painted elements add to his finely executed canvases a richer more painterly dimension. As a result of his exacting technique and strive for perfection Donald produces relatively few paintings each year – which provides a refreshing contrast to some of his contemporaries – making his work all the more sought after. When not working in his studio Donald is a part time tutor/lecturer at Glasgow School of Art (Dept. of Cont. Ed.)

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