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Andy Scott

Andy Scott is one of Scotland’s most renowned sculptors and is the recipient of four honorary doctorates from UK universities. Scott works in steel and bronze in the figurative and equine genres, and his distinctive hand-crafted sculptures combine traditional dexterity with contemporary fabrication techniques. Scott’s sculptures can be found as far afield as Europe, Australia and the USA, and with his portfolio including works reaching to 100ft in height, many have become much-loved local and national landmarks.

‘The Kelpies’ are probably his best-known artworks. They were unveiled in Falkirk in 2014, and are the largest equine artworks in the world. They have won multiple awards, and have been adopted by both the UK and Scottish national tourism agencies as cultural landmarks for the nation and are estimated to have attracted almost 2 million visitors.

The bronze works on display in the gallery are the at the other end of the scale: studies and maquettes for larger artworks, these small works were made to explain ideas to clients and to assist with engineering processes of larger sculptures. They were modelled in clay by Andy in his Glasgow Studio, and subsequently cast in bronze.

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