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Past Exhibitions

Behind The Scenes At The Museum
Jane Gardiner

In these paintings Jane Gardiner’s fascination with mark-making and respect for the medium expresses itself as a pleasure in the tactility and colour of oil paint.

These small works are generally executed in one go, on pre-prepared panels and are snapshots of objects and artworks which have caught the eye of the artist on visits to museums.

They are vignettes of hidden corners, half glimpsed, a clash of colours or textures which taken out of context become small abstracts to delight the viewer.

Cate Inglis
Andrew Squire

Cate Inglis‘s work is concerned with the layers and structure of the urban landscape: the transience of the built environment in a relentless process of growth and change. She searches for overgrown, derelict subjects – places where disappearing buildings leave gap sites and wasteland. Recent work has involved exploring the edges of urban areas. Bleak, forgotten places that have fallen out of use. Structures left to decay, exposed interiors overrun by plant life, the accumulated layers of habitation, use and disuse. Working in oils on a paper collage surface, she retains a strong element of drawing in her paintings – underpinning the structures with an emphasis on draughtsmanship. The paper layers are an important element, an indication of how thin and temporary everything we build ultimately is.

Andrew Squire having lived and worked in Glasgow for over 30 years has now moved to the NW highlands, and finds that he is able to see the city in a more detached way – these little paintings are a gesture of celebration of it’s visual richness and diversity, and it’s history. Most of his work at the moment is focussed on the elemental environment and atmosphere of the Highlands, but all artists channel what is important to them and the people and places of Glasgow have been very important to his creative development. In many ways socially, politically and historically the two places are inextricably linked.

Flights of Fancy

To celebrate the arrival of spring we present an exhibition of contemporary Scottish painting, sculpture and constructions on the theme of birds, feathers and flight. 

Artists include: Colin Brown, Heather Nevay, Helen Flockhart, Jane McCance, Morag Muir, Fran Hanley, Stanley Bird, Shaun McLaren, Gary Anderson, Shona Kinloch, Alastair Wallace, Helen Wilson, Kevin Low, Fiona Watson, Linda Farquharson and Jane Gardiner.